ReGrasp causing pain or discomfort

If used as directed, the ReGrasp should not cause any pain, however mild discomfort may occur during use of the ReGrasp system. In most cases, however, such discomfort is easily remedied. The following table describes possible sources of discomfort, and the appropriate actions to take:

Source of Discomfort Recommended Action(s)
Increase in sensitivity to stimulation over time Decrease stimulation intensities to comfortable
levels. If discomfort persists, discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional.  
Change in arm physiology over time (e.g. weight change, change in muscle mass, etc.)   If the arm’s physical characteristics change,
stimulation intensities and electrode positions may have to be adjusted to compensate. Please refer to the respective support articles for configuring stimulation intensities and electrode placement.
Fatigue or soreness following prolonged use Discontinue use until symptoms have cleared. If symptoms do not dissipate within a day of ceasing use, consult your healthcare professional.  
Thumb electrode pain (pinch-grip) Ensure the electrode is placed only over fleshy part of the arm, and not over the bone at the side of the wrist. During use, ensure that the electrode does not shift position.