How do I setup/adjust ReGrasp intensity?

The ReGrasp hand-open, hand-close, and thumb-close electrode intensities can all be adjusted independent of one-another. The intensities can be adjusted from a range of 0 to 40 (mA).

NOTE:  In most cases, effects will not be felt until the setting has increased
beyond 5.

NOTE: Stimulation can be stopped at any time by pressing the button.

NOTE: Not all circumstances require thumb stimulation. If thumb stimulation is not needed, the thumb-close screen can be left at a setting of ‘OFF’. 


Resetting Intensities:

Prior to configuring STIM intensities, it is recommended that all settings be first reset to "OFF". This should be done in either of the following situations:

  • If the STIM is being used for the first time
  • If the STIM is being shared between users, such as in a clinical setting

Resetting all intensities to "OFF" is accomplished as follows:

  1. Turn the STIM on by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button
  2. Select "INTENSITY" from the main menu
  3. Press the left/right arrow button indicated on the STIM screen to reset all electrode intensities to OFF (will be the arrow pointing towards the screen. Right arrow for Left garment, left arrow for Right garment)
  4. A screen will ask to confirm the reset, press the same arrow button to confirm
  5. If confirmed, the STIM display will show a green checkmark indicating that all intensities have been successfully reset to 'OFF'

Adjusting Intensities:

NOTE: Increasing intensities requires the STIM to be connected to a garment,
allowing the person wearing the garment to feel the effects as the intensity is

Stimulation intensity can be adjusted individually to the hand-open, hand-close and thumb-close electrodes as follows:

  1. Wet the electrodes and don the garment (for help with this, see our donning the ReGrasp garment article)
  2. Insert the STIM into the garment's stim-holder
  3. Turn the STIM on by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button
  4. Select “INTENSITY” from the main menu
  5. Press the bolt button to arm the STIM
  6. Use the down-arrow button to access the “hand-open” screen
  7. Use the left- and right-arrow buttons to gradually increase/decrease the intensity of stimulation to the the hand-open electrode. Once the desired hand-response is achieved, use the down-arrow button to navigate to next screen
  8. Repeat step 7 for both the hand-close and thumb-close electrodes

CAUTION: Do not increase to painful levels. The desired hand-response should be achievable without pain or discomfort. If significant discomfort is experienced without achieving the desired response, reposition the electrode to another location and try again (refer to our electrode positioning troubleshooting article).