"Check electrodes" error message on STIM

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The "check electrodes" error message appears on the STIM display when one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • The electrodes are not making good contact with the skin
  • The electrodes are not sufficiently wetted
  • The electrodes are not properly snapped into the garment

TIP: For assistance on how to properly wet your electrodes and ensure they are making proper contact with your skin, check out our electrode wetting and garment fitting articles, respectively.

Recommended Action(s)

  • Check that all electrodes are sufficiently wet and pressed against the skin
  • Reattach the electrodes to the garment, ensuring that they are securely snapped to the sockets

NOTE: If all the above criteria have been met and tested, ensure that the smaller, thumb electrode is NOT attached to the grey garment snap (#4 in image below):



Please Open a Support Ticket if you require additional assistance.