How do I properly wet the electrodes?

The electrodes must be wet with clean water prior to connecting them to the garment. This is done as follows:
  1. Inspect the electrodes prior to use. If there is significant discoloration, bad odors, or any noticeable separation of materials, discard and use a new set instead.
  2. Soak the electrodes in clean, room-temperature water for approximately 15 seconds. Gently message the fabric pads while submerged to ensure that they have absorbed as much water as possible.
  3. Remove from the water and squeeze the electrodes lightly in order to remove excess water. The electrodes should be as wet as possible, without dripping water.

CAUTION: Use only clean water to wet your electrodes. Using dirty water or any other liquid can result in skin irritation and unknown stimulation performance.

NOTE: Using deionized/distilled water to wet your electrodes may effect stimulation performance.