Donning the ReGrasp garment

To don the ReGrasp garment, you must first properly prepare your arm. The skin over which the garment is fitted must be clean, healthy, and free of any obstructions. Perform teh following preparation steps prior to fitting:

  1. Ensure the skin is healthy and free of any cuts, irritations, infections,
    or other injuries.
  2. Ensure the skin is clean and free of any lotions, ointments or other
  3. Remove any personal items such as jewelry, watches, bracelets, etc.
    from the affected arm.
  4. It may be necessary to trim any excess arm hair from the areas over
    which the electrodes will be placed in order to ensure good
    contact with the skin.

WARNING: Do not use over irritated, injured, or infected skin. Doing so may complicate existing injuries or infections.


Once all four electrodes are properly wetted (please refer to our electrode wetting article) and attached to the garment, the garment can be fitted onto the arm as follows:

garment 1. Attach the straps and clasps to the outside of the garment, roughly aligning the straps as shown.
garment 2. Loosely thread the garment's straps through the clasps, creating a wide “sleeve” shape.
garment 3. With the garment's STIM holder on top, insert the arm through the garment such that the reference electrode is positioned on top of the wrist in “wristwatch” position.
garment 4. Tighten and secure the straps so that the electrodes are pressed firmly against the skin, and the garment does not twist or slide on the arm. No straps should be unattached or left dangling.
garment 5. If the garment does not sit comfortably or electrodes are not firm against the skin, loosen the straps and adjust the positioning of straps and clasps. Repeat until a comfortable and secure fit is achieved.
stimgarment 6. Insert STIM into the garment's stimholder.

CAUTION: Do not over-tighten to the point of restricting blood flow to the hand.