What is the RAHFT?

RAHFT stands for the ReJoyce Automated Hand Function Test. It is a tool that helps therapists quickly perform quantitative patient assessments, and create personalized therapy programs. With an at-home system, patients are also able to monitor their own progress with this tool. 

The RAHFT is a quick, easy, and standardized assessment tool included with every ReJoyce System. It take less than 10 minutes to complete, which is three times faster than the ARAT (Action Reaction Arm Test) and four times faster than the upper extremity portion of the Fugl-Meyer test (stroke-specific performance-based impairment index). The RAHFT is fully automated and validated, correlated with several conventional hand function tests- it assesses a patient's range of motion, hand control, speed, and finger dexterity through a variety of activities of daily living.

The RAHFT allows you to track progress over time: Each patient's RAHFT results are saved by the ReJoyce software, which allows therapists to personalize and adjust a patient's therapy accordingly- most recent results are used to suggest difficulty levels for the rehabilitation games.

The following graph shows task-specific RAHFT scores as well as the average RAHFT score from a sample patient over an 8-week treatment period:RAHFT sample graph