What are ADLs?

ADLs stands for Activities of Daily Living. These are a set of basic self-care tasks that individuals typically perform on a daily basis in order to take care of themselves and maintain their independence. ADLs are often used as a measure of a person's functional abilities, particularly in healthcare and caregiving settings.

ADLs are fundamental for independent living, and their assessment helps healthcare professionals determine an individual's level of functional ability and identify areas where assistance or intervention may be required.

ADLs with ReJoyce

ADLs play a crucial role in rehabilitation, as they are directly related to a person's ability to function independently and perform everyday tasks. When someone undergoes rehabilitation, the focus is generally aimed on regaining or improving their ability to perform ADLs. By addressing ADLs throughout the rehabilitation process, the goal is to maximize an individual's functional independence and quality of life, enabling them to engage in meaningful activities and participate fully in their daily routines. Here is how ReJoyce' Manipulandum utilizes ADLs and gamification to help patients reach their therapy goals:

Manipulandum ADL 1Manipulandum ADL 2