How do I operate the Prelivia stimulator?

The Prelivia stimulator has a display, eight buttons, and three indicator lights:


On/Off Button

The Prelivia stimulator has an on/off button on the front panel to power the unit on and off:

  • To turn on: Press the on/off button until the display is active. The unit will start in setup mode.
  • To turn off: Press the on/off button until the PWR DOWN message is displayed.

Run/Pause Button

The Run/Pause button is used to switch between Setup Mode and Run Mode:

  • If the unit is in Setup Mode, press the Run/Pause button to enter Run Mode. The stimulator program will now be actively running, as indicated by a blinking green system-status LED.
  • If the unit is in Run Mode, press and hold the Run/Pause button until the display turns on. The stimulation program will stop, and the unit will now be in Setup mode where the channel adjustment buttons can be used to adjust channel intensities.

Channel Adjustment Buttons

Stimulation intensity to each of the channel electrodes is adjusted using the channel adjustment buttons

on the front panel, for each respective channel.

NOTE: these buttons are disabled when the stimulator is in Run Mode to avoid unintentional changes when the stimulation program is running.

To access the adjustment buttons, ensure the stimulator is in Setup Mode, and leads are connected to the channel. While in Setup Mode:

  • Stimulation intensity can be varied between 0 mA and 100 mA using the up/down arrow buttons for each channel.
    • If only one set of electrodes will be used, set the unused channel to 0 mA. Either channel may be used for single channel operation.
  • Channel Test buttons can be pressed to temporarily stimulate to the respective channels at the current intensity setting. Stimulation to the channel will continue for a maximum of 10 seconds as long as the Channel Test button is depressed. After 10 seconds of continuous stimulation, the button will need to be released and pressed again to continue test stimulating. Both buttons can be pressed individually or simultaneously. The intensity settings should be periodically reassessed, including any time they are modified or reset so that appropriate muscle response is ensured.