How do I clean my ReTouch?

Commercially available LCD cleaning kits may be used to remove finger-prints or debris from the touch screen, but such cleaners are insufficient for disinfection.

Regular cleaning & disinfecting of the ReTouch touch screen ensures that no bacteria or viruses are transmitted during use of the device.  If the ReTouch is to be used by multiple people, it is recommended that the touch screen be disinfected between uses.

Cleaning and low-level disinfection of the touch screen can be done using a diluted alcohol solution (50/50 isopropyl & distilled water), or alcohol-based disposable disinfecting wipes such as Virox or CaviWipes™.  Use a soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth to avoid scratching the screen. 

WARNING: DO NOT saturate or immerse the device when cleaning.  Wipe any excess liquid from the device immediately.