How do I clean my ReJoyce?

Regular cleaning of the ReJoyce ensures that no bacteria or viruses are transmitted during use of the device. If the device is used daily, it is recommended that cleaning be done at least once a week. If the ReJoyce is to be used by multiple people, it should be cleaned between uses. An alcohol-based cleaning solution, similar to that used in sterilization pads, is ideal for cleaning your ReJoyce.

  • DO NOT immerse the device when cleaning.
  • DO NOT use water to clean the device.
  • Remember to unplug the USB cord before cleaning.

The ReJoyce exterior is comprised mostly of Polycarbonate (PC) plastic. The use of harsh chemicals as cleaning agents over time may cause exterior damage to the device. If you are unsure whether your cleaning procedure is safe for your ReJoyce, the compatibility of PC plastic with various chemicals can easily be referenced online.

Isopropyl alcohol (70%) is recommended as it is easily available and will not damage your device.